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List of the Posters

Poster Number





Geet Gupta

Iowa State University

Selective Catalytic Conversion of Bio-Derived Glycerol to High Value Products


Gengnan Li

University of Oklahoma

Promotional effect of water on base and acid-catalyzed condensation of cyclopentanone


Kyle Stephens

University of Kansas

Hydrodeoxygenation Over PtWOx Catalysts:  Isotopic Labeling


Nilson de Paula

University of Oklahoma

Titration Effects on Zeolites Acid Sites in the Cyclopentanone Self-Aldol Condensation


Yu Yan

University of Oklahoma

Aldol Condensation of Cyclopentanone and Acetone on MgO: A Mechanism Study by DFT


Anoop Uchagawkar

University of Kansas

Mesoporous Silicates with Highly Dispersed Molybdenum (Mo-TUD-1) for Enhanced Olefin Metathesis


Daniela Santos Trejos

University of Oklahoma

Synthesis and Characterization of Conversion Catalysts from Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Precursors


Ismaeel Alalq

University of Oklahoma

Friedel-Crafts Acylation of Furanics with Carboxylic Acids over Brønsted Zeolites


Priya Darshini Srinivasan

University of Kansas

ME-PSD-Drifts Studies of Single Site Cobalt Supported on Alumina Catalysts for Ethanol Dehydration Reaction


Farshid Mohammad

Oklahoma State University

Characterization of Homogeneous versus Heterogeneous Catalytic Pathway in Gold Nanoparticle Catalyzed C-C Coupling Reactions


Ravi Teja Addanki Tirumala

Oklahoma State University

Heterogenous Catalyzed C-C Coupling Reactions Using Copper Based Nanocatalyst


Sundaram Bhardwaj Ramakrishnan

Oklahoma State University

Light Confinement in Dielectric and Plasmonic Materials for Efficient Conversion of Solar to Chemical Energy


Jiajie Huo

Iowa State University

Deactivation of Carbon Supported Pt and Ru Catalysts in Hydrothermal Reactions


Bhagyesha S. Patil

University of Kansas

Modulation Excitation-Phase Sensitive Dectection-Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fouier Transform and UV-Visible Spectroscopic Studies during Propylene Metathesis on Mo-TUD-1


Vy Nguyen

University of Oklahoma

Identification of Different Protonic Species in H-ZSM5


Alireza Saraeian

Iowa State University

The Effect of Co-metals on Selective Hydrogenation of Acetophenone over Supported Palladium Catalysts


Laura A. Gomez

University of Oklahoma

Stabilization of Furanics to Cyclic Ketone Building Blocks in the Vapor Phase


Han K. Chau

University of Oklahoma

Investigating effect of water solvent using carbon nanotubes supported metal catalyst during hydrogenation of phenolic compounds in aqueous phase



Tram N. Pham

University of Oklahoma

Enhancement of n-Hexane Cracking Conversion of H-MFI Zeolite by Water Vapor Treatment


Donald G. Jones

University of Oklahoma

Using Block Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes to Directly Identify Active Sites on Metal Oxide Supported Catalysts and to Quantify Hydrogen Spillover Rates


Kenneth Teel

University of Oklahoma

Water Enhancement of Cracking Reactions on ZSM-5


Elizabeth N. Goentzel

Kansas State University

Thermally Stable Schrock-Type Catalysts for Alkane Metathesis


Dupeng Liu

University of Kansas

Intergraded Process of Reactive Separation of C3 Mixtures and Propylene Hydroformylation


Ishaq Alalq

University of Oklahoma

Controlling the Acidity of Phosphonate Ligands over Amorphous Silica


Abdulhafiz Usman

Kansas State University

Single Molecule Spectroscopy Studies of Microenvironmental Acidity of Cs-doped Silicate Thin Films


Rajamanickam Maheswari

University of Kansas

Enhanced Catalytic Performance of W-Sn-KIT-6 Catalysts


Wenzhen Li

Iowa State University

Electrocatalysis for Energy and Sustainability


List of the Oral Presentations

Plenary Speakers

Brent H. Shanks

Iowa State University

Robust Strategies for the Development of Biobased Chemicals

Jeffrey D. Rimer

University of Houston

New Paradigms in the Design of Zeolite Catalysts

Jingguang Chen

Columbia University

Tackling CO2 Issues by Chemical Conversion and by Reducing CO2 Emission

Keynote Speakers

Henrik Rasmussen

Haldor Topsoe, Inc.

Renewable Fuels - Trends and Technology

Kenneth M. Nicholas

University of Oklahoma

Upgrading Renewable Oxygenates: Oxo-Metal Catalyzed Deoxygenation and Coupling of Alcohols

Dewayne Black

Phillips 66

Research focus areas for innovation in the energy industry

Jeffery L. White

Oklahoma State University

Brønsted Acid Site Heterogeneity and Concomitant Brønsted-Brønsted Synergies in Zeolites

Oral Presentations

Tong Mou

University of Oklahoma

First-principles modeling of hot-carrier-assisted hydrogenation

Tamra Fisher

University of Nebraska

Structure-activity and modeling study of nanostructured ceria for catalytic disproportionation of hydrogen peroxide

Jiayi Xu

Kansas State University

Oxygen reduction reaction over Pt-supported vertically aligned carbon nanofiber

Feifei Yang

University of Oklahoma

MoOx Modified Ni Catalysts with Unique Properties for Vapor Phase Hydrodeoxygenation of m-Cresol

Marco Dell’anna

Iowa State University

Selective Electro-Hydrogenation of Biobased Platform Chemicals

Julian Silverman

University of Kansas

Sequential valorization of lignin through ozonolysis and catalytic processing

Qing Yang


Metallocene Catalysts in Polyethylene Synthesis

Bababrik, Mohammed Reda

University of Oklahoma

Solvent-mediated charge separation drives alternative hydrogenation path of furanics in liquid water

Honghong (Crystal) Shi

University of Kansas

Oxidation of Sugar/Polyols in Aqueous Solution on Pt Based Catalysts

Leonardo David Garro Mena

Kansas State University

Insights into Pt/hBN catalysts for syngas production

Priya D. Srinivasan

University of Kansas

ME-DRIFTS Studies Of Single Site Cobalt Supported on Alumina Catalysts for Ethanol Dehydration Reaction

Hamed Bateni

Iowa State University

Pd/C Catalysts with tailored metal-support interactions