2022 Fall Symposium

2022 GPCS Fall Symposium (Final program)

GPCS 2022 Final Program.pdf

2022 GPCS Fall Symposium

The Great Plains Catalysis Society (GPCS) was started in late 2017 to promote fellowship and

collaborations among the chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists and other scientists in the

general Great Plains region who are interested in catalysis and related fields. As an affiliate of the North

American Catalysis Society (NACS), GPCS expands the reach of NACS into the area of Great Plains.

GPCS has scheduled the 2022 Fall Symposium on August 15, 2022 at Iowa State University in

Ames, IA. The symposium will take place in Howe Hall. 

A workshop on NMR for Catalysis will

be offered on Sunday, August 14 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM in Hach Hall. 

We envision the GPCS Fall Symposium as a focal point for reporting on catalytic research in the Great

Plains area. Please join us for this great opportunity to connect and network with fellow catalysis

researchers and professionals. Our plenary lectures and keynote talks include:

Plenary Speakers

"Directing Molecular Behavior at Solid-Liquid Interfaces:

The Combined Effects of Solvents and Surfaces on Heterogeneous Catalysis"

Susannah Scott

University of California, Santa Barbara

"An Introduction to Programmable Catalysis"

Paul Dauenhauer

University of Minnesota

"Promoting Effect of Water in Some Catalytic Reactions"

Daniel Resasco

University of Oklahoma

GPCS Award Winner

Keynote Speakers

"Mechanism and Kinetics for an Earth-Abundant Metal Catalyst for

Nitrile Hydrogenation Relevant to Pharmaceuticals"

Alan Allgeier

University of Kansas

"Understanding the Role of Lewis Acid Co-Catalysts in Transition Metal

Mediated Carbon Dioxide Utilization" 

Wesley Bernskoetter 

University of Missouri

"Catalyst Technologies to Enable Sustainable Materials"

Erik Hagberg 

Archer Daniels Midland

"Ordered Nanomaterials for Heterogeneous Catalysis: From Selective

 Hydrogenation to Polymer Upcycling"

Wenyu Huang 

Iowa State University


Solid State NMR for Catalysis Workshop

Date: August 14, 2022

Location: Iowa State University, Hach Hall

2022 GPCS Fall Symposium

Date: August 15, 2022

Location: Iowa State University, Howe Hall


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Hotel Options: 

Alternative hotels in Ames include:



For conference attendees who intend on flying, the Des Moines International Airport is located approximately an hour South of the Iowa State University campus. The airport has a number of rental car options available.

Guidelines for Presenters

Guidelines for Oral Presenters:

Please bring your presentation on a memory stick and load it on the podium computer before the start of your designated session. Landscape layout (16:9) for slides is preferred.

Guideline for Poster Presenters:

Presenters should have their posters in place in the morning coffee break. Poster session will be at 1PM.

The poster boards are about ½ inch thick foam core and we use push pins to hang the posters. Each poster must fit into a 4’ X 4’ space. Landscape layout is preferred.