Job openings

Postdoc position at University of Alabama Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. James Harris group is in search of a postdoctoral researcher to conduct experimental research in the area of catalysis and in situ spectroscopy, in collaboration with Profs. David Dixon and Tonya Klein in the U. Alabama Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, respectively. Due to restrictions from the funding source, applicants MUST BE U.S. CITIZENS.

Competitive applicants will have research experience working with catalysts, including zeolites and supported NPs, as well as in use of gas-phase reactors. Applicants should have expertise in GC, IR, and materials synthesis and characterization (e.g., XRD, N2 adsorption, TGA/DSC, ICP-OES). The research would involve (de)hydrogenation reactions over metal-containing zeolite catalysts.

The start date is flexible (ideally Jan-May 2023) and the position is for 2-3 years depending on performance and availability of funds. Interested applicants are welcome to e-mail me, please include a .pdf version of your CV demonstrating a record of achievement in research.

Hummingbird Scientific Job Opportunity

Hummingbird Scientific is launching into the design and development of multichannel gas delivery systems for in-situ TEM catalysis applications. Our need is for someone that can perform not only the design and analytical work, but who can also roll up their sleeves and prove it out in the real world.

If anyone comes to mind please don't hesitate to contact me and or forward the job ad here:

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