Call for Nominations

Post date: Aug 02, 2019 3:20:11 AM

Great Plains Catalysis Society Officers’ Election

Call for Nominations

Now it's time to nominate candidates for the various positions within the Great Plains Catalysis Society. See below or details here.

Officers to be Elected and Terms

1. President–elect (will be president in 2021)

2. Secretary (2020-21)

3. Treasurer (2020-21)

4. Industrial Liaison (2020-21)

5. Communications Director (2020-21)

6. Three Directors (2020-21)

7. NACS Representative (2020-2024)

Timeline for Election

1. Call for Nominations for Each Position August 1, 2019

2. Last date to send nominations August 20, 2019

3. Candidate names finalized by Exec Cmte Sept 1, 2019

4. Candidate bios (100 words) Sept 10, 2019

5. Start of Voting Sept 15, 2019

6. End of Voting October 10, 2019

7. Announcement of Officers October 20, 2019

Nomination Procedure

1. All current GPCS members can nominate another member for an Officer’s position. Please note that a prospective candidate should become a member before being nominated.

2. Please check with the candidate if s/he is willing to be nominated before submitting the name

3. Self-nominations are welcome

4. A person can be nominated for only one position

5. Submit the nominee’s name and the position for which s/he is being nominated to Bala Subramaniam, Secretary, GPCS at

Contact Bala Subramaniam if you have any questions.